Outdoor Learning: Lake Excursion

Isn’t it a great experience to learn new things while appreciating the beauty of nature? Outdoor learning experiences offer many benefits for the children to explore their skills. With outdoor learning, Stellar International School is able to educate students that learning occurs everywhere, at all times by devoting to learning both inside and outside the classroom.

It is important that we provide wonderful experiences for our children; a rich learning environment that allows them to enjoy learning and explore along their education journey. Outdoor learning provides a change of pace from the classroom, which students
and teachers are able to enjoy the moments together. Getting outdoors gives a refreshing new setting and it also helps to increase students’ enthusiasm in learning.

While classrooms will always be an essential element of childhood education, organising for an outdoor learning experience is important to children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Outdoor learning also allows children to gain hands-on experience in nature and most children are able to learn better by using their senses.

On 8 April, Year 5 and Year 6 students of Stellar International school had an amazing outdoor learning experience at Sunway Emerald Lake in Johor. This trip was organised by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Department and Science Department. The students were having so much fun exploring the environment while completing their tasks. Another successful collaboration between departments to enhance students’ learning skills. We are looking forward to more outdoor learning experiences in the future!

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