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Founder’s Message

From the initial spark that brought Stellar to life, every new idea that followed was led on by the same question. What is the best possible education a child could ever possibly get? Education comes in various fluid, flexible forms that allow us to answer these questions from every possible angle, every possible method. While most schools in Malaysia still emphasised report cards, grades, and classes, at Stellar, we paid more attention to the means. We paved a road leading to a journey filled with curiosity, empathy, and passion.

Academic excellence does not represent everything a child is capable of. At Stellar, we make it clear that making mistakes is a part of learning. Our students will never feel insecure making mistakes, taking risks, and expressing themselves. Schools should be the platform to spark our children’s interest in learning for their entire lives. Parents, educators, and school administrators share the same ideals. Children must always know that there is always more to learn beyond success and failure. Stellar has always looked upon challenges as opportunities to grow, and we wish to instil this spirit in our students.

Our passionate educators’ love for the children does not end within the classroom. Their classrooms are not limited to four walls, and their work does not stop when classes are over. These teachers have shown us what it means to care about the needs of others. As a team, we draw upon our knowledge and skills to produce positive changes and share what we have learned. Hence, we are here to raise a generation of stars for a sustainable future.

As a father of young children myself, I know their education is the best investment I can make. At Stellar, parents will be happy to know that their children’s education for the future is in safe hands. I also look ahead to safeguarding every child’s education. I will pray and work hard to ensure all our teachers and staff will selflessly dedicate themselves to the young lives entrusted to them.

The future is ever-changing, ever-innovating. Ahead of a world different from the one we live in today, our students will be equipped with lifelong learning skills, adapting to all circumstances, and consistently contributing to a better outcome.

Stellar, your future begins here.

Success in our student’s physical, intellectual, and emotional development.

Teachers who are on top of their responsibilities to every student’s success.

Empathy towards one another.

Lifelong learning becomes a way of life.

Love for knowledge to serve and to love others.

Above and beyond academic excellence.

Respect for others, honouring parents, and gratitude to God.

Daniel Loh
Founder of Stellar Education Group



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