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Beyond The Classroom

Stellar International School (SIS) ensures every student experience a culture of possibilities and excellence, bringing out their inner passion and self-exploration qualities naturally. One of our main goals at SIS is to provide students with a holistic education that not only develops character, but also talents outside academic achievements.

Student Leadership Programme

Authentic leadership opportunities are provided for students to develop strong leadership skills by equipping them with the global mind set and skill sets they need in the 21st century, such as self-management, organisational management, goal setting, team building, group facilitation, decision making, analytical skills and conflict resolution.

Language Support Class

Social and academic English instruction will also be provided to students whose native language is not English. Students are placed in this programme based on their English proficiency and they will be supported until they reach the Literature level. This programme provides a gentle integration into the school curriculum, while also building up these students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Student Exchange Programme

Eligible students will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience living abroad with a carefully selected host family. In return, the student and the family will then host an exchange student themselves to complete the programme. Exchange programme are important to fostering understanding around the world and to view the world from a new perspective. Exchange students return with much maturity, confidence, cultural awareness and proficiency in other languages.

Project Stellar

Adopting the best practices from several internationally recognised curriculum, Project Stellar main objective is to develop learners who are curious, knowledgeable, able to think critically and articulate coherently in speech and writing. Students are also trained to have principle, be open-minded, caring, not afraid to take risk and able to reflect. Through Project Stellar, students are given the opportunity to integrate thematic project-based learning. Knowledge and skills acquired from their learning, are applied using appropriate technologies, resources and research strategies. Innovation and creativity knows no bound where students have the opportunity to work collaboratively to exhibit and showcase creativity, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Completed products are of high level of understanding, organisation, quality and rigour. This approach to learning develops cognitive, emotional and metacognitive skills in an integrated and explicit manner.

Study Trips

Trips to places of relevance to the curriculum provides students with insights of how and why their learnings are related to real-world experiences. Visits could include local places within the state, out of state, East Malaysia and even places overseas.



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