International Day 2020

Ever wanted to try out food from other countries? Ever dreamed of travelling around the world and experiencing multiple cultures? Well, our students managed to do all that and what’s more, all in one place! 


Stellar International School is a place of diverse cultures and nationalities, with at least 6 nationalities represented by the students alone, 9 if you include the teachers. From places all across the globe, we wanted to expose the children and parents to the other cultures present in the school, more than just the names of their peers. To achieve this, we asked the help of the parents to provide one item each from their culture as a potluck with everyone.


It is to our greatest pride and gratitude that the parents gave above and beyond what was expected of them. The amount of effort spent to make the event a success was impressive, especially considering the time needed to cook and prepare the decorations by both teachers and parents was not much at all. The spread of food that was placed before us was enough for everyone to sample, some even able to take some home with them.


The  International Day was a great success, strengthening the bonds between the parents and students by showing them that there are common points between us despite coming from opposite ends of the world. With a few performances such as an Indian traditional dance, it showcased the diversity of the people present that day. And if the oily lips, empty plates, and happy smiles were anything to go by, everybody was happy with SIS International Day.

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