Chinese New Year Photo Contest

Three fancy challenges in one mystery box, designed for students’ learning plus to enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills. What a prize for our five winners of the Lunar New Year photo contest, chosen from 31 participants from all three schools of Stellar Education Group (SEG)! A big congratulation to the students from Stellar International School, Isaac Song Ming Huan (Year 4-1), Xie Zhihao (Year 1-2), Luwi Zhong Ying (Year 4-1), Olivia Tan Xin Tian (Year 2-1), and Jordan Goh Jun Hao from Sand & Stars!

“I really like the detective game even though the puzzle was too hard, and the game helps me to improve my problem-solving skill,” Isaac Song said, thrilled with his prize. He had picked his own outfit to be photographed.

Luwi Zhong Ying mentioned that he did not expect to win. He has yet to finished the game, but is definitely having a great time playing the Stellar Edu Box with his family. “The treasure game is hard… but I like it so I would give 9/10!” he praised.

by MIRA SYAHIRAH | editorial team writer

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