Understanding your Child

In June 2020, Stellar Education Group (SEG) received a surprise meeting invitation from Mr Brian Werner, the General Manager of ONE˚15 Estuari Sports Centre, a prestigious and private 140,000 sq ft sports complex. Along with its professional high-end facilities and equipment, top safety and security, it had multiple professional sports instructors with track records of training up world-class athletes.

So, the SEG team, led by Mr Daniel Loh, the founder, and consisting of Mr Samuel Kang, Chief Business Development Officer and Ms Stella Pang, Marketing Manager, had a first meeting with the representatives of ONE˚15. Their discussion: how both parties could collaborate to benefit the next generation in SEG.
SEG believes in balancing both academic and soft skills, nurturing children into globally competitive learners well equipped with 21th century skills. Striving to achieve this belief, however, has been extremely challenging; societal understanding is emergent in regards to this new model of education. Educators and schools are still facing great pressure to help children achieve excellent academic performance with the limited hours spent with the children in school.

A collaboration was agreed upon after the first meeting with ONE˚15: mainly, students of SEG could use the Estuari Sports Centre as their CCA venue and experience coaching from the sports complex’s professional coaches. Summer camps and Winter camps for both local and international students could also be held there, featuring a combination of fieldtrips, academic studies, arts studies and sports.

by Samuel Kang | Chief Business Development Officer

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