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Primary School

Welcome to our Primary School. Early Years Centre students seamlessly progress to Primary School where they continue to grow and develop into lifelong learners and embark on the quest to become global citizens. Through engaging, fun and meaningful learning, we nurture each child to fulfill their potential. The unique primary curriculum integrates the Cambridge International Curriculum, Singapore National Curriculum (Mathematics and Science) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to provide thematic-based learning to young learners aged 5 to 11 years old.

IPC is based on the National Curriculum of England (UK) and is child-centered, combined with rigorous assessments to monitor and evaluate each child’s progress. It is used by over 730 schools in 92 countries worldwide. It is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. It also develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning.

5 Key Features of IPC

Thematic Curriculum

With an innovative and creative curriculum, students learn about the world, instead of non traditional chapters.

Holistic Approach

There are 6 learning stages for each unit.
I. Entry Point
II. Knowledge Harvest
III. Big Picture
IV. Research Activities
V. Recording Activities
VI. Exit Point

Learning Goals

Comprise of subject goals (knowledge, skills, understanding), personal goals (curiosity, resilience, thoughtfulness) and international goals (international minded).

Learning Assessment

Formative assessment takes place at each learning milepost. Skills Rubric is utilised to determine and develop specific learning plan for improvement and progression.

Parents Actively Involved

Parents are regularly updated and encouraged to give suggestions. Additionally, parents are encouraged to observe and appreciate their child’s progress via artwork, website and video.

With a clear focus to establish a conducive, safe and joyful learning environment, SIS is committed to making sure all children enjoy their schooling, inculcate values, foster curiosity and encourage questioning. These are the basis of independent lifelong learners and we aim to cultivate these traits and values in the early years to shape a child’s future.

There are 3 levels in IPC

IPC Milepost 1 IPC Milepost 2 IPC Milepost 3
Year 1 (6 – 7 years old) Year 3 (8 – 9 years old) Year 5 (10 – 11 years old)
Year 2 (7 – 8 years old) Year 4 (9 – 10 years old) Year 6 (11 – 12 years old)

Primary Subjects
(Year 1 – Year 6)

Mandarin Language
 Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Art and Design
Physical Education (PE)
Malay Language
Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE)
Islamic Studies (for Muslim Students)

Subjects offered are integrated uniquely with the Cambridge International Curriculum, Singapore National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum.



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